The Valiant Announces Console Editions for July

The Medieval RTS Comes to Console

Attention brave, console, knights. It’s almost time to assemble your team of heroes on a quest to save the world. This becomes a mission of life or death. Do you have what it takes? You’ll be able to find out. Today, THQ Nordic is excited to announce that their squad-based RTS, The Valiant, is coming to Xbox and PlayStation consoles on July 11th. The game invites players to join a band of highly skilled and valiant knights on a quest to save the world. A press release provides more details on the console versions of the game. Additionally, an announcement trailer gives gamers a better look at what they can expect from the game. 

The Valiant

The Valiant introduces players to protagonist Theoderich von Akenburg. Theo, an ex-crusader, has left his life of knighthood behind. However, after a former friend becomes obsessed with using an ancient artifact for evil, he must once again raise his sword out of necessity. Yet, he is unable to do it alone. As Theo, players will assemble a custom team of heroes to bring into battle. Importantly, each hero falls under a different class and comes with unique skills that make them special. Additionally, each hero is fully customizable with different weapons, armor, and skill. 

Gamers can check out the new console trailer for a glimpse of The Valiant. Players will be able to get a look at how to lead their team and exactly what it’s like on the battlefield. View the trailer below. 

The Valiant is out now on PC via Steam. The game will be released for Xbox and PlayStation consoles on July 11th. It will cost $24.99 upon release. So, are you prepared to become a knight?