FloCity Starts Digging on Steam

Canal Building 

What if you were in charge of designing a city? What if that city had a massive canal network? Luckily, now you can try it out for yourself. Naughty Engineering is happy to announce the release of their puzzle city-building game, FloCity. The game introduces players to a network of islands supplied by AI ships that players must ensure reach their destinations. A press release provides details on the game and its features. Furthermore, a new trailer for the game gives players a look at the puzzling expanse that awaits them in-game. 


FloCity invites players to a puzzle-like city-builder that allows players to ensure that a collection of island hexagons runs efficiently. The game gives players a choice in what canals they dig. Of course, when digging new canals and assigning AI ships, the responsibility for figuring out the most efficient way to reform shorelines, smooth traffic flow, and develop lands around the busy ports falls on you. Importantly, players must accomplish these tasks before the island full of resources sinks. Obviously, this puts you in a position where you must learn to balance your ambitions for your city with the impending destruction of the resource pool. Finding the best run-time for the ships, managing energy resources, and more all become an integral part of making the city a success. 

Of course, gamers can get a better look at FloCity in the new trailer for the game. The trailer shows off the game’s art style and gameplay. Check out the trailer below. 

FloCity is out now on PC via Steam. So, are you ready to build your own city of canals?