Strayed Lights Announces New Update and Game Modes

Test Your Mettle 

It’s time to return to a world of dark and light. Only this time, you will be facing off against only other strongest enemies in a trial to test your skills. Today, developer Embers is excited to announce a new update for their action-adventure game, Strayed Lights. Of course, the update brings whole new game modes for players to experience that will put them on a trial against the games’ bosses. A press release provides more details on the two types of new modes. Additionally, the game is currently on a large discount.


Strayed Lights introduces players to a being of unbalanced light and darkness. The world is full of ancient ruins, beautiful sights, and of course, dangers. Focussing on tight, soulslike, combat complete with parrying and dodging, the game invites players to take on colossal bosses. Importantly, the game includes the ability to switch between states of being. Players must learn to master the light and the dark to take on the massive beasts lumbering around the world.

Of course, everything players learn in the base game will be put to the test in the new game modes. Interestingly, the first of these modes is Trials, where players will attempt to take on multiple bosses without dying. Additionally, players choosing to take on the new Memory mode will confront any previously defeated boss, both in their original difficulty and new, unleashed forms. Of course, these new modes offer plenty of challenging new ways to experience the game. 

Strayed Lights is available on PC, via Steam, as well as PlayStation and Xbox consoles.