The Blind Prophet Joins The Indie Spring Spree

A Supernatural Storyline

Prepare to enter a world of the supernatural,  hand-drawn art, and mystery. Step into the morally bankrupt city of Rotbork. An inaccessible maze of a city ruled by a cult doesn’t bode well. Today, RedDeerGames is happy to announce that their point-and-click narrative game, The Blind Prophet, is joining their Indie Spring Spree for May. The game invites players into a hand-drawn story where players take on the role of an apostle trying to free a sick city. A press release provides more details on the game. Additionally, players can check out the announcement trailer for a glimpse of the game. 

The Blind Prophet

The Blind Prophet places players in the shoes of Bartolomeus, one of the twelve apostles. Following the orders of the Highest, he will bring peace to the evil and sick city of Rotbork. Importantly, players will have access to supernatural powers to scout out demonic corruption. The Stalker’s Eye is what grants players their powers, but that isn’t the only thing that players will have at their disposal. For instance, players will have multiple items that they use to progress the story, such as lock picks and various devices.

Of course, you can get a look at the game in the announcement trailer for The Blind Prophet. The trailer demonstrates the point-and-click style of the game as well as the hand-drawn art style. Check it out below. 

The Blind Prophet is available today on the Nintendo Switch eShop as a part of the Indie Spring Spree. The RedDeer.Games Indie Spring Spree is on now and for the next two months.