Tamarak Trail Announces It Will Arrive to Consoles

Copies for All Platforms 

Puzzles, monsters, battles, and mysteries are coming to consoles. A dying world, a group of heroes, and some dice. Do you have what the Sturgeon Lodge needs? Today, Yarrow Games and Versus Evil are excited to announce that they will be bringing their upcoming dice-based roguelike, Tamarak Trail, to Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms. Launching alongside the Steam release of the game, these console versions will include everything players can expect to find in the PC version of the game. A press release provides some details on the game itself. Additionally, a console reveal trailer shows off how the game is played on consoles. 

Tamarak Trail

Tamarak Trail places players in the shoes of a member of the Sturgeon Lodge. As a member of this secret society players are tasked with discovering the answer to a mystery surrounding a decaying and dying earth. Importantly, player choice matters. Importantly, players will choose between three distinct classes. These classes are The Magician, The Tracker, or The Detective. Of course, each comes with its own set of distinctive abilities, playstyles, and narrative choices. Uniquely the game focuses on upgrading and customizing your character’s dice to make them exceptionally powerful. 

Of course, players can check out the new trailer for the game for a look at the art style. Interestingly, the gameplay revolves around dice and narrative. Additionally, the game’s art direction has many inspirations, including the Group of Seven, the Canadian landscape painters of the 1920s. Get a look below.

Tamarak Trail is releasing later in 2023 on PC. Currently, the game is available to wish list on Steam.