Showgunners Gets the Battle Started Today

Vengeance Has Never Been So Kick-Ass

It’s time to jump into the arena. Welcome to dystopia, player, and here’s your shot to make it big. Today, Good Shepard Entertainment is happy to announce the release of their turn-based strategy game, Showgunners. The game introduces players to a reality TV show that pits contestants against each other in a bloody game of fame and glory. Of course, surviving is the ultimate goal, but it’s easier said than done. A press release provides more details on the game. Furthermore, a launch trailer shows off what players can expect from the game. 


Showgunners brings players to a future society ravaged by income inequality, climate change, and civil unrest. Of course, in this time, the downtrodden are looking for any way to make a come-up. Importantly, this is where the reality TV show, Showgunners fits into the picture. Contestants will battle each other in booby-trapped arenas for survival, fame, and money. Each live stream of the show introduces new challenges, new arenas, new traps, and more. Furthermore, real Twitch Streamers can play the game and get their own viewers involved at the same time. Viewers can vote on real time events that will shape the game as their favorite streamer plays. 

Of course, the launch trailer shows off what’s coming in the game. Including glimpses of the revenge story, players as contestants have with the show runners of the reality show. Check it out below. 

Showgunners is out now for PC. Currently, the game costs $29.99. So, do you have what it takes to win the show?