Occupy Mars: The Game Journeying To Early Access Next Week

Surviving the Red Planet 

Landing on Mars was only the first step. Surviving is going to be a whole different story. Prepare yourself for survival, exploration, and more. Today, PlayWay announced the Early Access release date for their open-world sandbox game, Occupy Mars: The Game. Coming to Early Access on May 10th, the game invites players to try their hand at surviving on Mars. Of course, a press release dives into all the details that come with building a new life on the red planet. Furthermore, an Early Access trailer gives players a view of what they can expect from the game. 

Occupy Mars

Occupy Mars: The Game allows players to explore the planet Mars and try to survive its inhospitable conditions. After landing on the planet learning to survive is an absolute necessity. For instance, learning to manage food, water, oxygen, and energy are all incredibly essential to player survival. Of course, to make everything run smoothly, players must ensure that they construct a proper base and understand how to make it ready for any kind of weather condition. Importantly, things are bound to go wrong, so learning how to quickly repair the issues in your base will ensure your survival. 

Of course, players can get a look at the game in the new Early Access trailer. Observe the planet and all of its intricacies. From the day and night cycle of Mars to the different terrain, base types, and even weather, get a great look in the trailer. Check it out below. 

Occupy Mars: The Game is releasing into Steam Early Access on May 10th.