Escaping Atlantis Brings Roguelike Adventure to the Sea

A Legendary Island 

Welcome to the legendary land of Atlantis. Yet, as the legend goes, the island is sinking. The people of Atlantis have but one hope, to defeat the deep sea monstrosities around their home and escape. Today,  Roofcat is happy to announce the launch of the Steam page for their upcoming tactical roguelike deckbuilder, Escaping Atlantis. The game invites players to take command of Atlanteans as they battle to escape their sinking home. Of course, a press release provides more details about the game itself. 

Escaping Atlantis

Escaping Atlantis introduces players to the island of Atlantis before it became the lost city. Taking over a cast of Atlanteans, players will navigate across the island atop their giant turtle. Of course, the game is a deckbuilding roguelike, meaning each Atlantian adds to your deck of useful characters. Importantly, as players adventure across the island, using their various characters to battle monsters, they will encounter other survivors. Each survivor comes with their own particular set of skills, relics, and personalities that they will share on your travels. However, be warned, Atlanteans are unique and can fall in battle. You may need to make sacrifices to defeat dangerous enemies. Positioning your warriors properly in anticipation of enemy attacks is key to ensuring your run is a success. 

If the player’s turtle runs out of health the run will come to an end. Of course, as players make it through runs they will unlock more relics, characters, and more that they can use in subsequent runs. 

Escaping Atlantis is currently in development. It is available to wish list on Steam