PC Game Pass is Free, if a Friend Uses This Program

Pass On Your Game Pass to Friends

Xbox’s Game Pass was once an excellent deal, offering 1$ trials to the curious. These people got a full-package deal for a bare-minimum price, but given my use of past-tense here, you can probably deduce that the 1$ deal is no longer available. But it did not leave us quietly – it seems like Microsoft has put something new in its place!

If you are a current paid subscriber of Xbox Game Pass, you can get up to five 14-day trial codes to just… hand out to people. You can only give it to those who haven’t subscribed to Game Pass before, though. This is a free trial program designed to get new people into the fold, did you really expect anything different?

crunchyroll xbox game pass

It’s worth noting that the offered trial is just for PC Game Pass, not console stuff. Current speculation indicates that Microsoft thinks they’ve penetrated the console market to the best of their ability, no need to promo things even more. But PC is much newer for the Game Pass program, and they still have plenty of room to grow. And yeah, Microsoft absolutely wants to grow.

On the deal’s official page, a number of FAQ sections offer some key details about how the whole process works. For one, the offer is apparently an annual thing. Each year, you can generate up to 5 codes to give 5 different friends. The codes themselves can sit around unused for up to 30 days, but if they go unclaimed, you can just get a new code. Unused codes won’t contribute to your 5-per-year cap.

All the information can be found here.