Doomblade Slicing its Way to PC at the End of May

Gloom and Doom 

Prepare to enter an expensive world full of darkness and death. Weild a magical blade, slaughter the servants of darkness, and embark on an epic adventure. Today, the Finnish two-man team Muro Studios is happy to announce the release date for their action-adventure Metroidvania, Doomblade. Releasing on May 31st, the game invites players to enter a world of action and darkness on a quest to exact vengeance for a destroyed people. A press release provides more details on the game. Additionally, a release date trailer gives players a look at what is coming with Doomblade including the art style and action. 


Doomblade introduces players to Gloom Girl. The Girl is the last of the GloomFolk a race of people destroyed by the Dread Lords. Leaving her solitude, Gloom Girl leaves her cave to explore the cave-like world of the Lowlands where she finds the magical sword: Doomblade. Of course, Domm and Gloom will together adventure through the Lowlands battling the forces of the Dread Lords. Importantly the game invites players to battle through the 2D world with unique movement and combat, powering up Doomblade as they go. 

Interestingly, players will be able to access four different endings collecting a multitude of items as they go. Additionally, players will be able to access more powers for the Doomblade as they progress through the world. Check out the release date trailer below for a look at the game. 

Doomblade is releasing on May 31st on Steam and other digital platforms.