Vexlands, Open-World Adventure, Coming to PC in 2024

Crafting Adventure 

Prepare to journey to a cursed world, procedurally generated to offer players a unique experience. Construct your way to survival and build a safe haven amidst the dangers around you. Today,  Emberheart Games and  Apogee Entertainment are happy to announce their open-world crafting adventure, Vexlands, coming to PC in 2024. Releasing to Steam, the game combines crafting mechanics, adventure, and a mysterious open-world to transport players to a dark world. A press release provides more details about the upcoming title. Additionally, an announcement trailer gives players a glimpse of what is to come next year. 


Vexlands invites players to a cursed world where the only means of survival is to build your way to it. Players will be able to outfit a personal home as they adventure throughout a vast open world collecting resources, fighting enemies, growing crops, raising animals, and more. Importantly, the world itself is fully procedurally generated. This means that each new world  player decides to start will be different from the last. It ensures infinite replayability for players to explore and make their way in an original world each time. 

Of course, the world is full of danger. Luckily players can slash, dash, and use spellcraft to eradicate enemies. Yet, fighting is simply one small part of the adventure that awaits in Vexlands. Players can get a glimpse of the world in the new announcement trailer. Check it out below. 

Vexlands is releasing on for PC on Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store in early 2024.