Gravewood High Announces Release Date With New Trailer

Stealth Horror 

Students are missing. Yet, it seems as if none of the adults at Gravewood High have noticed or care at all. That means it falls to you to solve the mystery. Yet, be warned. A certain teacher won’t be very happy you are investigating. Today, HeroCraft PC is happy to reveal the release date for their stealth horror game, Gravewood High. Releasing into Early Access on May 3rd, the game combines stealth, action, and a crazy atmosphere to bring a unique experience to players. A press release provides more details about the game. Additionally, the release date trailer gives players a better look at the game. 

Gravewood High

Gravewood High introduces players to a high school full of dimension shifting labyrinth like hallways. Of course, players take on the role of students investigating the disappearance of their peers. However, the main antagonist of the game, the Teacher named Mr. Hyde is relentless in his efforts to stop you. Importantly the game can either be played single-player or with friends as you navigate the twisting halls of the school. And you may need the help. Mr. Hyde’s AI is intelligent, tracking players and setting up traps for them even when they least expect it. 

Of course, players will travel through the various dimensions of the school with fully destructible environments. Keep in mind, not all of your allies can be trusted. So, check out the release date trailer for a look at the game. View the trailer below. 

Gravewood High is releasing into Steam Early Access on May 3rd. So, are you ready to go to class?