The Role of Technology in Online Casinos: From RNGs to VR

You may think of online casinos as just websites with hundreds of games, but there’s more to it than that behind the scenes. Sites like Vulkan Casino Romania use a lot of technology to entertain their members and ensure they can play fairly. And some of them are as interesting and fascinating as you might see them in a science fiction movie. Below, we’ll take a look at the technologies that online casinos use.

Random Number Generators

With the exception of live dealer titles, all the games you can find in an online casino are computer programs, and it is this program that decides what will be the outcome of the games played by the members (i.e., whether they win). So, how does it do that? More importantly, how do you make sure it’s a fair decision?

The feature that decides what the results of the games will be is called “RNG”. It’s short for “random number generator”, and it does exactly how it sounds – generates random numbers. It is impossible to know in advance what these numbers will be, not even the person coding the software can do that. So, how is RNG software used for the fairness of casino titles? Let’s explain by giving an example from slot games:

  • A slot game has different symbols, and each time the player presses the “spin” button, different symbols appear on the screen. The player’s goal is to place identical symbols next to each other on a payline.
  • Each symbol has a numerical equivalent. For example, all numbers from 900 to 1,000 are reserved for the symbol “wild”.
  • When the player presses the spin button, RNG generates a random number, and the symbols that appear on the screen will be based on this number. For instance, if this number is “975”, the wild symbol will appear, because it is in the range of this symbol.
  • Since it is not possible to predict in advance what the numbers will be, it is also not possible to predict in advance what the outcome of a slot spin will be. This ensures that the results are completely random, that is, fair.

This also applies to all other casino games. RNG also decides which card to deal when playing blackjack and which pocket the ball will land in when playing roulette. This is one of the most important advantages of playing at licensed and legal casinos – the RNG software of such casinos is tested by different agencies and verified that the results are truly random. So, it is luck that truly decides whether you win or not.

Provably Fair Games

You can use more than RNG to make sure some games are fair. RNG is a feature that ensures randomness and therefore fairness but cannot be verified by the player. This is software buried deep in the codes of casino titles – you have to rely on a third-party report to make sure it works properly. Provably fair feature, on the other hand, is the opposite – it allows the player to directly verify the fairness of game results.

In games with this feature, before the game result is determined, files called “seeds” are created both on the server and on the player’s device. Whether the player will win or not is decided according to a random outcome obtained by using both files together. The player can check the randomness of the result at any time by checking the seed files.

Virtual Reality

Although virtual reality glasses are mostly used for PC titles, they can also be used to play casino games and offer a truly different experience. These are games in which the player is allowed to navigate a virtual world with an avatar and control their avatar with body movements. For example, when you wear VR glasses, you see a real Las Vegas casino on the screen. When you take a step into the real world, your character on the screen will also start to move and walk around the casino.

This is a casino full of different games, and you can choose & play any of them. Moreover, you can do this with your hands. For instance, when playing blackjack, you can actually hold your cards in your hand – you don’t have to click a button. Likewise, you can spin the roulette wheel yourself or pull the lever next to a slot machine. This is a very different and immersive experience, and the image quality can be very realistic depending on the device you are using.

What’s more, you’ll find that this casino is full of avatars just like you – each is a real player, and you can meet, chat, and play together with them. VR casino games are also a social experience – they let you do more than just sit at your computer alone.