The Companion Brings Narrative Adventure to Switch Today

A Spirit Guide 

Sometimes we all need a little help accomplishing our goals. Especially when those goals are of a magical and spiritual nature. Luckily being able to turn into a spiritual fox avatar is pretty helpful. Today, RedDeer.Games is happy to announce the release of their narrative adventure, The Companion, for Nintendo Switch. The game combines elements of adventure, collection, and puzzle games to bring a unique experience to players as they travel through magical realms. A press release delves into more details on the fox and its journey. Additionally, players can check out the launch trailer for a glimpse of the gameplay and art style of the game. 

The Companion

The Companion places players in the paws of a fox spirit, a guide through the realms of the spiritual. As the fox, players will guide the player on a journey of memory and emotion. As the fox, players will travel across seven breathtaking locations full of visions of the past, present and future. Of course, as players uncover these visions they will discover more about the story of a family which will, in turn, lead to the fox discovering his own fate. 

Importantly, the fox has another task on his journey. Players are tasked with creating emotional bridges between the spirit world and the material world. Interestingly, this can only be accomplished by collecting essence hidden in various places, as well as, collecting magical artefacts hidden across the fast and labyrinthic spiritual world. Players can check out the launch trailer for a look at the game and all of its magic. 

The Companion is out now on Nintendo Switch. So, will you become the fox and uncover this emotional tale?