Spiritfall Battles to Early Access Today

Prepare for Platform Fighting 

The world is being corrupted. Luckily, you are the chosen one. It’s time to go to battle. Today,  Gentle Giant Games is happy to announce the Early Access release of their platform fighter, Spiritfall. The game revolves around roguelike and platforming elements combining to create a unique fighting game. A press release provides more details on the game itself. Additionally, an Early Access Launch trailer gives players a great look at what’s to come with the release of the game. 


Spiritfall places players in the shoes of the Omenforged. The Omenforged is a divine warrior who spirits chose to clear the world of an unknown blight. Of course, players will embark on an adventure across a fantasy land, traversing dangerous regions, meeting mysterious characters, wielding an arsenal of weaponry and more. Furthermore, the game utilizes the combo-based combat style of fighting games while inviting players to a world of platformers and procedurally generated settings. Importantly, this is where the roguelike elements of the game shine, in the idea that players will get new experiences every play through. Interestingly, death can only make you stronger. Dying will introduce skills to upgrade, abilities to unlock, and resources to spend. 

Of course, players can get a good look at the game in the Early Access launch trailer. The trailer shows off gameplay, story, and artistic, elements of the game. Check it out below. 

Spiritfall is out now on Steam Early Access. So, are you ready to embark on a platforming journey?