Pokemon Stadium Makes its way to Nintendo Switch, Release Date Here

Pokemon Stadium Finds a New Arena

Good news! Pokemon Stadium will be available on the Nintendo Switch! And it’s soon, too: April 12th, to be exact.

Potentially-bad news, depending on your available subscriptions: it’s not a standalone game. Pokemon Stadium comes to Nintendo Switch through the platform’s Online + Expansion Pack subscription.

The game’s contents are unchanged, beyond one fairly understandable difference. You’ll only be able to use Rental Pokemon in-game, no transfers from Game Boy games here. Which is a sad loss for sure, but given hardware limitations, it’s hard to fault Nintendo for this one.

Fun fact, this is the first time beyond the game’s release where’s it’s ever been playable off of its home console! Well, officially-speaking, anyway.

This buffs up The Nintendo Switch Online’s game subscription offerings a fair bit. Nintendo is a company famous for sitting on mountains of old retro games, unplayable on modern consoles, with no hope for re-releases or legal purchase avenues. Pokemon Stadium was a significant entry in that pile, and now that it’s shifted into clearer waters, many lurking pirates may be deterred. Some still lament that Nintendo’s offerings lean so heavily on re-releases of older, dated games, but these games clearly still have their audience – and that group of people will no doubt the thrilled at this news.

But that’s them – what about you? Is this something you’re excited to see? Will you need more to get aboard Nintendo’s subscription service? If you’re getting the game, what’s the first thing you’ll try? We’d love to hear from you in the comments down below!