Check Out What’s In Evil Dead: The Game GOTY Update and DLC

Who’s Your Daddy?

Evil Dead: The Game is coming up on its one year anniversary next month. This month however, Saber Interactive is releasing a major update for the game that will hopefully keep the rot away with some fresh content. The GOTY update and new DLC launches next week.

For a few weeks, Evil Dead: The Game developers have been teasing out what content is in store for players on April 26th. A free update will be out on that day as well as a paid DLC bundle called Who’s Your Daddy Bundle.

Evil Dead: The Game

The GOTY update adds a new single player mission. It also adds an outfit for Kelly called Stay Frosty. This is a wintry-themed costume, which can be seen in a teaser trailer release today. The trailer also shows a snowy location, which will hopefully be a new map. That remains unconfirmed.

The Who’s Your Daddy Bundle is paid DLC, but contains more. It includes a new survivor, new demon, and three outfits for existing characters. The new survivor is Brock Williams, Ash’s dad from Ash vs Evil Dead. Baal, also from Ash vs Evil Dead, is the new demon. His abilities include Elite Meat Puppets, Traps, and Illusions.

Cosmetics from the Who’s Your Daddy Bundle are for Ash, Pablo, and Amanda. Each of their costumes are also from Ash vs Evil Dead. Both Who’s Your Daddy Bundle and the free GOTY update will go live on April 26th. Evil Dead: The Game is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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