Redfall Latest Character Trailer Shows Off The Cryptid Hunter

Redfall Latest Character Trailer Shows Off The Cryptid Hunter

Arkane Studios is a major video game development studio with a host of popular titles under its belt. These include the Dishonored franchise, Prey and Deathloop, Bethesda Softworks along with Arkane Studios have been preparing for the release of their upcoming co-op first person shooter, Redfall. The game will release on May 2nd, 2023, on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store as well as the Xbox Series X/S. Ahead of its release, the company unveiled a new character trailer for Devinder Crousley, the Cryptid Hunter.

In the trailer description, the character is described as, “[Devinder Crousley is] a cryptozoologist and aspiring inventor…Armed with weapons of his own creation, he’s on a mission to prove himself.” Viewers get a great look at the character’s history and his unique sense of humor. Furthermore, players get a look at some of the weapons and gadgets that the character uses on the battlefield. Besides Devinder, over the past few weeks, the companies have released character trailers for Remi De La Rosa, Jacob Boyer and Layla Ellison. Each character has its own story and unique skills and abilities.

redfall benefits open world gameplay

Moreover, in the game, players must take back Redfall, as a vampire known as the Night Manager has been tormenting the basswood neighborhood. Players will be able to explore the area and bring an end to the Night Manager’s shift through some gritty action.

What are your thoughts on Redfall? Did you enjoy other games from Arkane Studios? What aspect of the upcoming game are you most excited for? Which character trailer did you enjoy the most so far? What do you think about the character trailer for the Cryptid Hunter, Devinder Crousley? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.