Cassette Beasts Hits Xbox Platforms and Switch In Late May

Cassette Beasts Hits Xbox Platforms and Switch In Late May

Raw Fury and developer Bytten Studios released their open-world monster collection RPG, Cassette Beasts, on PC via Steam, PC Game Pass and the Microsoft Store. Besides the release, the companies have officially confirmed that the game will release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and the Nintendo Switch on May 25th. The game has had a successful release on the PC thus far, with a lot of fanfare due to its various features.

In the PC game launch trailer, viewers get a great look at bits and pieces of the game’s story. Furthermore, viewers are given a look at some of the main monsters in the game as well as its combat and features. In the game, players will head to Wirral, a remote island inhabited by creatures and nightmares. There, players must explore every inch of the island and record monsters to gain skills and abilities.

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Additionally, players will have the opportunity to fuse various monsters which can produce an extra powerful, fully animated fusion form. Also, there are several areas to explore, and players must use monsters to glide, fly, swim, climb, dash or turn magnetic. There are several challenges during exploration that players must conquer such as solving puzzles and locating dungeons. It also offers local multiplayer options. Cassette Beasts is a unique entry into the world of gaming and have gained inspiration from Pokemon.

What are your thoughts on Cassette Beasts? Will you be buying the game on PC? Are you interested in its upcoming release on Xbox platforms and the Nintendo Switch? What aspect of the game are you most interested in trying out? What do you think about the game’s story? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.