V Rising Announces Upcoming Expansion: Secrets of Gloomrot

Untold Horrors and a New Land 

The vampiric world is about to get a lot bigger. A whole new biome awaits you vampires, and it is full of evil machinations. Today,  Stunlock Studios is excited to announce the title of their upcoming free expansion for their massive hit game, V Rising. The expansion, titled Secrets of Gloomrot, is introducing players to a whole new biome, new weapons, and more. A developer blog post provides some information on the upcoming expansion. 

V Rising

V Rising is a top-down survival game where players take on the role of vampires in a dark gothic world. Your goal is to become the most powerful vampire in the realm, the next Dracula if you will. However, the world is not kind to vampires and will not hesitate to try and kill you. Importantly, the world is full of peoples, creatures and other vampires that would kill you to increase their own standing. You will need to feed on blood to gain new powers, collect resources to build your castle, and do battle with other vampires. Luckily,  there is a wide variety of weapons, magic, and skills players can put to use. 

The Secrets of Gloomrot expansion is widening the world of V-Rising, literally and figuratively. Of course, the expansion is introducing a whole new biome that is roughly the size of the Dunley Farmlands. It is a land full of horrific experiments, polluted terrain, and deadly secrets. Of course, the new biome isn’t all. The blog promises much more is to be revealed including vast customization options, bug fixes, new weapons, and more. 

V Rising is currently available for PC via Steam Early Access. So, what are you hoping to see in Secrets of Gloomrot releasing in May?