Two Point Campus School Spirits DLC Comes Out Next Week

Not Scarier Than Student Debt Though

Education and the pursuit of higher knowledge is a never ending journey. That is, as long as more DLC keeps getting made. Two Point Campus has announced a new expansion due in just a few days. It focuses on theĀ scary side of college.

School Spirits is the Halloween themed(?) DLC for Two Point Campus. To be clear, it is distinct from the Halloween update, which was released at the seasonally correct time. This DLC’s main addition is ghosts, which are not bound to Halloween, I suppose.

Two Point Campus

The new DLC takes place in Lifeless Estate, where ghosts… live? Enjoy their afterlife? Well, it is the perfect place to open a school. Like the Space Academy expansion, School Spirits allows the new element to become students in your fine establishment. As a living person, I feel done with post-secondary education, but with an eternity ahead of me, I suppose some people would want to broaden their ghostly horizons at some point.

Two Point Campus really likes parody, so what would a ghost DLC be without legally distinct Ghostbusters content? How about Ghost Dusters? Can Columbia Pictures sue over that? Suck up ghosts with a handheld duster to exorcise different objects and locations.

School Spirits will be available on March 15th, but if you pre-order it on Steam or the Microsoft Store, you will get a 10% discount. The expansion is just $6, so if you miss out on the discount, your wallet won’t suffer too much.

Two Point Campus is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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