Dead Island 2’s Latest Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Combat and More

Dead Island 2’s Latest Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Combat and More

Deep Silver along with Dambuster Studios have released an extended gameplay trailer for their upcoming action title, Dead Island 2. The sequel to the iconic first game, Dead Island, will release on April 21st. It will release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC via the Epic Games Store. The trailer shows off a ton of content ahead of the game’s release next month.

In the trailer, the actions starts in Bel Air, Los Angeles where Dani, a slayer, meets standard, variant and apex zombies. Moreover, each zombie has its own skills and abilities and will pose different challenges to players. Also, Dani, who comes from Ireland, is tenacious yet balanced and has an agile style of combat. In the trailer, players will observe Dani trying to reach the Halperin Hotel. Moreover, players will be able to witness Dani activating Fury Mode through her corrupted DNA.

dead island 2 might launch early 2023

Furthermore, players in Dead Island 2 will enjoy a mix of horror, dark humor and over the top zombie slaying across a vibrant and stylish Los Angeles, which has fallen to a zombie infection. Along the way, players will meet crazy various characters and enjoy a premium co-op mode that features up to three players. Additionally, there are a wide variety of zombies to fight against such as the Infected, Variants, Apex and more.

What are your thoughts on Dead Island 2 thus far? Are you excited for its upcoming release in April? What did you think about its predecessor? What aspect of the game are you most excited for? What do you think about the extended gameplay trailer? Which part of the extended gameplay trailer did you enjoy the most? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.


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