Capcom Unveils Official Release Date For Action Game Exoprimal

Capcom Unveils Official Release Date For Action Game Exoprimal

Capcom is a major video game publisher that is involved in the release of Street Fighter, Okami and Resident Evil. Yesterday, the company hosted its video game showcase where it made multiple major announcements and provided updates for fans. At the showcase, Capcom confirmed that Exoprimal, its upcoming survival and action game, will release on 14th July, 2023. It will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam. Furthermore, it will be on Xbox Game Pass Day One.

In the release date trailer, viewers get an extensive look at the game’s graphics, combat, dialogue and some of its characters. Furthermore, viewers get some insight into the game’s story as main characters discuss the issues facing the world. Also, in Exoprimal, players hop into cutting-edge exo-suit technology where they must fight against history’s most ferocious beasts, dinosaurs. The primary game mode is Dino Survival. Here, two teams of five compete against each other in PVE and PVP combat to survive and complete missions.

Additionally, players can choose to work together with the other team to fight against the common enemy, or fight against each other. These choices allow for versatile content.

Moreover, interested fans can jump into the game’s open beta prior to its release. Capcom is set to host an open beta for Exoprimal on Friday, March 17th to Sunday, March 19th.

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