Amber City, Acclaimed Puzzle Game, Coming to Switch

A Journey Through History and Light

Attention Switch players, it’s almost time to ignite the light. A city full of histories and stories awaits. Today, independent development studio Irisloft is excited to announce that their critically acclaimed puzzle game, Amber City, is releasing for the Nintendo Switch. Releasing on March 16th, the game brings the power of light to Switch. Of course, a press release provides more details on the Switch version of the game. Additionally, a new release date trailer gives players a look at the game. 

Amber City

Amber City introduces players to a nameless girl in a white dress. She awakens to a city in ruins. However, not all hope is lost for this place. This girl has the power of light in her. Players must use the power to solve puzzles throughout a beautifully handcrafted world. Importantly, players will travel throughout the city reigniting cocoons and bringing the city back to life. Exploring through the city in 9 chapters comprising over 70 levels players will have the ability to interact with the world around them, finding collectibles, letters, and more. 

Of course, the Switch version of the game is the equivalent to the PC version. New players can look forward to experiencing the 2D hand-drawn world, the soundtrack, and more. Check out the launch trailer for a better look at what awaits you in Amber City. 

Amber City is releasing on Nintendo Switch on March 16th. Additionally the game is out now on PC via Steam. So, will you be bringing the light?