9 Tabletop Games That You Can Play with VR

Photo by Remy Gieling on Unsplash

Virtual reality (VR) technology has transformed the way we experience games and entertainment, and one area where it’s making significant strides is in the realm of tabletop games. With the help of VR headsets and controllers, we can now enjoy a variety of games in immersive virtual environments, from classic board games to modern favorites.

In a virtual environment, games such as chess, checkers, and blackjack take on a whole new level of interactivity. Players can manipulate pieces and cards with their own hands and even chat and interact with other players in real time.

Whether you’re looking to play a quick strategy game or embark on an epic round of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), VR tabletop games offer something for everyone. So, without further ado, here are nine of the most popular table games you can play with VR.

1. Chess Club VR

Chess Club VR brings the classic strategy experience of chess to life. With graphics focused on the fundamentals of gameplay, multiple levels of difficulty, and a variety of game modes, the game is sure to entice and challenge even the most experienced chess players.

Players can challenge their friends or test their skills against the AI in realistic tournament-style battles. Chess Club VR also features leaderboards, giving players the opportunity to compare their scores and measure their progress.

2. Checkers VR

Take your checkers experience to the next level with Checkers VR. Thanks to several game modes and fully simulated environments, this upgraded classic is sure to provide hours of fun for players of all levels.

Checkers VR enables players to challenge their friends or play against the AI in intense battles. You can also chat with other players in real-time, giving you the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world. And with multiple difficulty levels available, you can keep your skills sharp even after you’ve mastered the basics.

3. Catan VR

Catan VR is the VR version of the popular board game Settlers of Catan, where players can explore a colorful 3D world, build settlements on purchased land, and trade valuable resources to gain victory points.

With an extensive tutorial system and excellent graphics, Catan VR is a breeze to learn and a joy to play. The game offers players a variety of game modes to challenge even the most experienced players. What’s more, players can also customize their avatars and game boards, enabling complete control over their virtual experience.

Photo by Galen Crout on Unsplash

4. Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown

In Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown, players take an unforgettable journey through a magical world where they can interact with a wide range of characters, engage in challenging battles, and solve puzzles as they navigate detailed, realistically rendered tabletop levels.

You can customize the gameplay experience by selecting different character classes and exploring divergent paths, making each playthrough a unique adventure. With its engrossing story and satisfying gameplay, this game will keep you coming back for more as you unlock new treasures and discover new secrets with each playthrough.

5. Demeo

Enter a magical world of adventure and strategy with Demeo, a captivating VR board game. Play with friends across multiple platforms or take on the AI in challenging battles set in a richly detailed fantasy world.

Whether you’re a board game enthusiast or new to the world of VR gaming, Demeo offers cross-play capabilities and graphics that bring the game to life. Plan your tactics, explore new realms, and experience the thrill of victory as you battle for supremacy in Demeo.

6. Brass Tactics

Brass Tactics features a compelling combination of steam-powered robots and strategic warfare. Playing the role of commander, you lead an army of machines to conquer the battlefield using a variety of tactics and weapons.

Master the intricacies of the game with an in-depth tutorial system, then put your skills to the test against a variety of challenging opponents. Brass Tactics also offers a unique feature called ‘The Tabletop,’ which enables players to physically move and manipulate their units on a real-life tabletop, adding an extra layer of immersion to the gameplay experience.

Photo by Lucas Santos on Unsplash

7. Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl

In Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl, players enter a fantastical realm where they take on the role of a powerful commander leading their army to victory. With the ability to build and customize their armies, players can strategically plan and execute their attacks against enemies in real time.

The game offers a range of game modes, including single-player and multiplayer options, as well as a variety of unique maps to battle on. With intuitive controls and an in-depth tutorial system, players of all skill levels can enjoy this immersive and challenging VR experience.

8. Tsuro: The Game of the Path

Based on a classic board game, Tsuro: The Game of The Path challenges players to lay tiles and create the longest possible path on a beautifully crafted virtual board. With intuitive controls and stunning graphics, this virtual reality game offers a relaxing and immersive experience for players of all ages.

The extensive tutorial system makes it easy for new players to jump in and start playing right away. In addition to its single-player mode, Tsuro also features an exciting multiplayer mode that enables players to compete against one another online, adding another level of challenge and excitement to the game.

9. PokerStars VR

Looking for a great casino game with VR support? PokerStars VR has you covered. PokerStars VR is a fantastic VR experience for poker enthusiasts and casual players alike, featuring a virtual casino where you can play poker against other players from around the world.

The game offers a variety of popular poker games, including Texas hold ’em and Omaha, and lets players customize their avatars to create a unique look. The social aspect of the game is another highlight, as you can chat and interact with other players at the table, making it feel like a real-life casino experience.