Ubisoft Confirms: They’ll be Going to E3 2023. Who will join them?

At Least Something is Certain About E3 2023

The future of E3 is uncertain. Post-Covid revelations on the part of big game companies haven’t served the event well. With so many platforms moving to digital-only means of game marketing and hype-generation, E3 may be getting left behind. Nintendo, Electronic Arts, and Microsoft have already pushed in that direction, confirming their plans of avoiding E3 2023. But now, we know for sure that E3 won’t be a complete non-show. Ubisoft has big plans!

Ubisoft hasn’t released much information about exactly what they’ll be showing. They’re “still finalizing details”, after all. But their goals are simple: aiming to bring a “strong line up” to 2023 show-goers.

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The other remaining big-name players have not confirmed or denied a possible E3 2023 attendance. But so far, a 3-to-1 ratio of big players dropping out probably isn’t what E3 wants to see. Granted, one of those non-attendees was Nintendo – who has been pushing their Direct platform for the last while. They may not have attended regardless of anything else, so it’s possible to see this as a 2-to-1 loss. Still, not something anyone wants to see, though.

And “wanting to see things” is really the core of the issue here. Many gamers have already fostered a growing sense of nostalgia for the pre-Covid E3 events. With an absolute avalanche of news coming from every corner of the gaming world, it was like Christmas for many – one lasting for an entire week. People would stock up on snacks, schedule time off work, and join with others in enthralling conversations and divine levels of hype for each major release. To see that become an archaic symbol of a bygone age… they’d lose something.