Trophy, Retro Platformer, Arrives on Nintendo Switch

Authentically Old School 

Everyone loves the classic retro games of yesteryear. Now, it’s time to welcome an authentically retro platformer to the Switch. Today,  indie developer Derek Andrews and publisher 8-Bit Legit are happy to announce their authentic retro platformer, Trophy, is now available on Nintendo Switch. A love letter to the classic games on the NES, Trophy provides a truly retro experience for players to explore. A press release provides some more details about the game. Furthermore, players can also check out the official launch trailer from a couple weeks ago. 


Trophy allows players to experience the gameplay of NES classics like Megaman. A robot, colorful characters, platforming action, and massive bosses. What more could you need? Of course, the game is a platformer akin to any of the old school games. Importantly, this means the levels are large and full of exploration, secret areas, powers, enemies, and more. Additionally, players can also look forward to cut scene segments and whole narrative scenes, all constructed to resemble an NES style game. Importantly, players will experience all of this retro style action across nine distinct levels of side scrolling gameplay, each with a gigantic boss to fight in intense platforming action. 

Of course, players can check out the launch trailer for a glimpse of the game. The trailer provides a look at the art style and gameplay of Trophy. So, take a look for yourself. 

Trophy is available now on the Nintendo Switch. It even features NES Online controllers to further the retro experience. So, will you be checking out Trophy?