Resident Evil 4 Special Demo Coming Soon

RE 4 Lyfe

PlayStation held a State of Play earlier today, showing off a bunch of titles that are expected to come out this year. Among Suicide Squad and Street Fighter 6, we got a new look at Resident Evil 4 Remake with a sweet new trailer.

There are a ton of iconic and recognizable characters and set pieces in the original RE4. Most of the characters return for the trailer, like Major Krauser, Ada Wong, and Luis. We also see some revamped enemies, revamped for maximum scary.

Resident Evil 4

The combat is also more in-depth. Leon is now a lot more agile and able to showcase exactly what makes him such a special, beloved hero. With all the new parrying and dodging options, it makes the clunky controls of the original Resident Evil 4 look pretty dated. After you have watched the reimagined gameplay, there are a couple of last-second teases.

Like the past four modern releases from the series, Resident Evil 4 Remake will have a demo. With the announcement really just tacked on to the end, there’s really no other details about it. There is no release date or mention of what section of the full game it will be. It makes sense that the village ambush will be in the demo. It is perhaps the most famous and defining part of the original game.

Another staple of the series that will be returning is The Mercenaries. That mode will be returning. The vista shown off with The Mercenaries is location of the village mentioned above, which is the perfect place for a map in this mainstay mode.

Resident Evil 4 Remake will be coming out on March 24th for PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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