Ravenbound Bringing New Demo & Trailer to Steam Next Fest

The Weapon is Within 

Prepare to enter a vast world. A world full of folklore monsters, ancient gods, and darkness. Today, Systematic Reaction is pleased to invite players to enter the world of their action roguelite, Ravenbound, with a new demo. Combining elements of roguelike games, open world action, and deckbuilding, the game is providing a new take on perma-death and progression. Importantly, a demo is available today. Of course, a press release delves into more details on the game. Additionally, alongside the new demo, a trailer gives players a glimpse of the monsters of Ravenbound’s world. 


Ravenbound invites players to join a world based on Scandinavian folklore. Players take on the role the Vessel. The Vessel is the wielder of a weapon known as the Raven. The Raven is a creation of the ancient gods to destroy the darkness that fills the world. Importantly, Ravenbound is a roguelite game. Of course, this means failure is inevitable. However, returning to the world each time will give you new insights. The world is vast , and exploring it is up to you. Yet, be warned, many dangers lurk around every corner. Yet, each life will give you access to new upgrade cards. These cards, will provide you with new weapons and abilities. Furthermore, will change the dynamic action combat of the game for the next Vessel to play off of. 

Importantly, players can get a look at the game in the new trailer. The trailer provides players with a look at the art style, gameplay, and a run down of the game itself. Check it out below. 

Ravenbound is currently available to wish list on Steam. The demo is also available today through Steam Next Fest. So, are you ready for Ravenbound?