Ragnarock, Metal Rhythm Game, Rocks Out onto PSVR 2

Heavy Metal Vikings 

Attention Vikings, ready your hammers. It’s time to race. Today, French independent studio WanadevStudio is happy to announce the release of their metal rhythm game, Ragnarock, for the PSVR 2. Offering an easy to learn hard to master experience, the game provides a range of music spanning Celtic Rock to Power Metal. A press release provides more details. Additionally, a release trailer gives new fans a look at exactly what they can expect. 


Ragnarock introduces players to a rhythmic longboat race. Stepping into the fur boots of a Viking aboard one of these ships, players must keep rhythm in order to keep up their speed. Of course, the easiest way to do this is use their giant hammers. In the tradition of arcade games in the genre, the better you play, the better medals you receive. If you can keep up the rhythm you can achieve all of the gold medals as you win races. Of course, the game takes place in a distinctly Norse environment. As such, players will be travelling through the different realms of Norse Mythology. Asgard, Nidavellir, Muspelheim, Alfheim, Midgard and Helheim all await players. 

Additionally, players can look forward to a full track list of songs ranging throughout different metal genres. Importantly, new fans can check out the PSVR 2 release trailer for a better look at the game. Furthermore, players can check out the game’s website for a track list and leaderboards. 

Ragnarock is available now on the PSVR 2 . Additionally, you can purchase the game on SteamMeta, Pico and Viveport. So, are you ready to rock?