Punch Club 2: Fast Forward Announced For Multiple Platforms

Punch Club 2: Fast Forward Announced For Multiple Platforms

tinyBuild along with Lazy Bear Games have officially announced Punch Club 2: Fast Forward, the long awaited sequel to the first game. The game allows players to manage fights in the ring. It will release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. The game is available on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG. At this stage, the developers intend to release the title sometime in 2023, however there is no confirmed release date just yet.

In the announcement trailer, viewers get a great look at the game’s graphics, art style and some of the situations they may face. Furthermore, viewers will get a look at training, fighting and improving in statistics over the course of the game. Moreover, players must fight their way to becoming a champion though punching, kicking and even cheating. It takes determination, sacrifice, money and training. Players must utilize these methods to increase their statistics and techniques.

Also, the game offers a nostalgic experience as it takes players back to the 80s with humor, quotes and bone-crunching action. Furthermore, as players fight to become a champion, they will become engrossed and meet various NPCs with interesting personalities, stories and different paths to explore. Each decision has a serious outcome, with moral choices that impact upon the game. It is clear that Punch Club 2: Fast Forward will be a great experience for veteran and new players alike, as it is jam-packed with content.

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