MKLeo, World’s Top Smash Ultimate Player, Leaves T1

A Legend Goes Free Agent

It’s not every day that the best Super Smash Brothers Ultimate player becomes a free agent. Of course, not everyone in the E-Sport scene can hold that title anyway. Earlier this week, the world’s top Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (SSBU) player, MKLeo announced his departure from the T1 E-Sports team. The announcement came over Twitter, with MKLeo thanking T1 for the time he spent with the team. 


Of course, the announcement comes as a surprise following MKLeo’s fifth Genesis win at Genesis 9. “Mr. Genesis” himself, continued on his streak of dominating the scene as a member of T1. In fact, within his time as a member of T1, he has given the team the title of highest winning organization in the Smash Bros. Ultimate competitive scene. Furthermore, his previous team, Echo Fox, has only been surpassed by T1 since MKLeo left that team and joined T1. 

Currently, MKLeo is continuing his SSBU career as a free agent. Many on Twitter began tagging other E-Sports teams, wanting them to recruit the undisputed greatest player in the world. However, a notable tag came from Leo’s good friend, and on-and-off rival, Gluttony who says “Welcome to Solary bro.” 

As of right now, MKLeo has not made any new announcements regarding a new team. Which team would you like to see Leo join? Do you think he will surpass the T1 legacy he has created?