Strayed Lights Begins Shining In April

A Land of Shadows

Prepare yourself little light. You will enter a world of shadows, you will need to light the way. Today developer Embers is happy to unveil their flagship title, Strayed Lights, is releasing in April of 2023. Launching on PC and consoles, the game blends action and adventure within an atmospheric world. A press release provides more details on the adventure that awaits. Additionally, Embers is delighted to show off the reveal trailer for the game, the first steps into a whole new world. 


Strayed Lights allows players to step into the life of a luminous being in a world of shadow. Of course, this world is diverse, atmospheric and beautiful, for all of its dangers. Players will travel through misty forests, shimmering ruins, and corrupted cities. Yet, this world is not without danger. Players will be dealing with shadow creatures who are constantly after them. And that’s not all. In intense boss battles, players will take on massive creatures that fight with pure emotion unleashed. 

Of course, as players adventure their light will grow. You will become brighter, grow in size, and gain more abilities. Eventually, you will become a pseudo-mystical being with vividly powerful abilities. Importantly players can get a glimpse of the world, and the flow of combat in the reveal trailer for Strayed Lights. Check it out below. 

Strayed Lights is arriving to PC and consoles in April. Currently you can wishlist the game on Steam. So, are you ready to become a light in a dark world?