Scope Out the Details of Sniper Elite 5 Season 2

Target-Rich Environment

Incoming ordinance! Rebellion Developments is dropping details on the upcoming season of Sniper Elite 5 content. When the game launched in May 2022, it was accompanied by Season 1 content. That included extra campaign missions, new weapons, weapon skins, character skins, and the obligatory Hitler assassination mission.

According to the blog post Rebellion Developments released, Season 2 will have similar content. Without giving away too much, the contents of this season will be largely the same. More campaign missions, weapons, weapon skins, and character skins. What is cool about this announcement is that Rebellion Developments is also dropping some new content to chew over while you wait for Season 2.

Sniper Elite 5

If you have been playing the multiplayer aspect of Sniper Elite 5, you might be familiar with the No-Cross PvP maps. These maps have a dividing line, which enemy teams cannot cross, forcing players to engage from a distance. The new No-Cross map is called Landing Zone, but there is a twist.

Normally, there would be a dividing line down the middle, keeping the teams apart. In Landing Zone, there is a central zone and a surrounding zone. One team attacks from the center of the map, the other attacks from the outside.

Players can also get a Winter Weapons Skin pack. These skins can be applied to all base game and DLC weapons. There aren’t very many wintry areas, so the icy look to your guns might stand out a bit. Both the Winter Weapons Skin pack and Landing Zone map are both free content.

Sniper Elite 5 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Season 2 currently has no official release date.

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