RE:CALL, Visual Novel, Bending Minds Today

Prepare for a Brain Breaking Time 

Memory has a funny way of affecting the present. Sometimes literally. Welcome to a world where your thoughts can physically impact the world around you. Today, Whitethorn Games is happy to announce the release of their narrative adventure game, RE:CALL. Out today on PC, Xbox, and Switch the game follows previous Whitehorn releases in terms of a twisting, mind breaking, adventure. A press release delves into more details on the game. Furthermore, a new launch trailer gives players a look at the gameplay. 


RE:CALL introduces players to a game about memory. More importantly, a game about how memory may impact the present. The game presents players with the butterfly effect turned up to eleven. Importantly, the game uses a flashback mechanic as its central gameplay loop.  By choosing to remember an event differently, the present changes. For example, if someone is hurt that was protecting a location, maybe this time the player chooses not to throw a rock at them. Your choices as the player will change the outcome of the story. The past really affects the present. Memory provides a very powerful tool to change the world, through peoples hearts and minds. 

Of course, players can check out the new trailer for a look at the art style of the game. Additionally, players will also get a look at the gameplay, and cast that they can expect to run into while playing. Check it out below.

RE:CALL is available now on  PC, Nintendo Switch, and the Xbox Series X|S. Ready for a time bending, mind shattering adventure?