Bloodious Games Announces Madison VR for PSVR 2

That’s “Madison” With a V and an R, but It’s Not Where You Think

Last year, the horror game called Madison briefly took over streaming platforms. The game was the hot and fresh title of the summer. Single-player horror experiences don’t often get a lot of additions post-launch, but there will be a Madison VR version.

Madison is hailed as one of the scariest games in recent years. It is scary enough on a screen, but stepping into that virtual space… Boy howdy, that is going to be on a whole ‘nother level.

Madison VR

Earlier today, an official trailer was released by the developers Bloodious Games. With a short message from the founder, we also get to see a little bit of what Madison VR will have to offer. It appears to be mostly the same as the base game, except you use your own hands.

The main tool of the game is still the polaroid camera, as well as a couple of other handheld items. Other than we what see in the trailer, there aren’t many details that differentiate Madison VR from the original game.

What we do know about this VR version is that it will be coming out on PSVR 2. There are a bunch of launch titles announced for PSVR 2, but Madison VR is not one of them.

Madison is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Madison VR will be coming out on PSVR 2. It is unclear if it will be on any other VR platforms.

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