Fabledom, Fairytale City Builder, Coming to Steam This Spring

Living Happily Ever After 

Prepare to build a kingdom all of your own in a fantastical fairytale land. It’s almost time for your very own happily ever after. Today, Grenaa Games and Dear Villagers are happy to unveil their fantasy city builder, Fabledom. Releasing in the spring of 2023, the game brings the concept of city building to a fairytale kingdom with magical charm. A press release provides more details about the game and the setting. Additionally, an announcement trailer gives players a closer look at what they can expect upon entering this magical kingdom. 


Fabledom places players in charge of building their own city in a storybook world. Building your settlement from a meager hamlet, to a prosperous city is the goal. Of course, everyone wants their very own happily ever after. Yet, it won’t be easy. It’s going to take a lot of work. Players will have the ability to fill their city with every type of building from barracks to farms, fields and houses, and even more. Furthermore, every building is fully customizable to fit the theme of your city. 

Yet, be warned. Like every fairytale, something dark is on the horizon. You will need to ensure your budding city is well defended. Players will need top recruit heroes, soldiers, and champions, and send them into battle. An evil is growing and you need to survive it. Of course players can get a look at all of this city building, strategy action in the new announcement trailer for the game. 

Fabledom is releasing on Steam Early Access this Spring. Prepare for your very own fairytale story. So, are you excited for Fabledom?