Dishonored: Definitive Edition Free on Epic Games Today

Become Corvo 

It’s time to return to Dunwall City. Grab your blade. Grab your mask. It’s time to clear your name. Today Arkane Studios’ legendary first person action game, Dishonored, is free on the Epic Games Store. Giving players a famous action experience, the game provides the best of first person fighting and stealth gameplay. How will you take down your targets? Prepare to become the Ghost of Dunwall. Become a ghost amidst the darkness. 


Dishonored places players in the dark clothes of Corvo, a supernatural assassin with the powers of an otherworldly being. Of course, you have your conventional means of executing targets, via blade, pistol, or other gadgets. Importantly, players can choose how they want to approach each mission. Will you stick to the shadows, picking off unaware targets, a hunter in the dark? Or will you charge headfirst into battle, sword drawn, pistol levelled at the enemy? Really, it is all how you want to play. 

Importantly, the Dishonored: Definitive Edition contains all of the DLC for the game. Become legendary assassin, Daud, in the Knife of Dunwall. Continue your journey as Daud, in The Brigmore Witches, the conclusion to his tale as he is put between a gang war and the infamous witch coven. Of course, players can also put their skills to the test with the Dunwall City Trials, and do it all in style with the Void-Walker’s Arsenal pack. 

Dishonored: Definitive Edition is currently free on the Epic Games store. What are you waiting for? Become the assassin you were born to be.