Awesome Games Done Quick 2023 Launches This Weekend

Speedrunning at Its Finest

It’s time to warm up the speedrunning skills. This year, there’s more action than ever in the world of speedrunning video games. This weekend Games Done Quick 2023 is once again letting gamers put their skills to the test with speedrunning competitions. Featuring a host of classic and modern games to challenge gamers, the event is action packed. A press release dives into more details about all that awaits gamers at this year’s event. 

Awesome Games Done Quick

Launching on January 8th, with a pre-show at 11:30 AM EST, the event dives right in. Importantly, this year’s event is kicking off with a Splatoon 3 Any% run by LonTr0. Of course, this is just the beginning of the games being featured. Game’s Done Quick is introducing a whole mess of fan-favorite speedrun games. For instance, Stray, Cuphead, PowerWash Simulator, and Neon White are all features. Of course, classics such as Super Mario Brothers 3 will also be making an appearance. Fans can get a look at the whole schedule here

As is tradition Games Done Quick 2023 is being held in support of Prevent Cancer Foundation. All donations made to the event during the live viewing will go the foundation. Last year’s event raised more than $3.4 million in donations, with 100 percent of those funds going directly to Prevent Cancer Foundation. In fact, Awesome Games Done Quick has been running since 2010. Since its launch the event has worked with multiple organizations including AbleGamers, Organization for Autism Research, and Doctors Without Borders. In total, Games Done Quick events have raised over $41 million. 

So, will you be tuning into to check out Awesome Games Done Quick 2023. Make sure to donate if you can.