Wall World, Roguelike Tower Defense, Releases Playtest

A World of Mining and Towers

Imagine crawling up an immense wall on the back of a robotic arachnid. In this world, mining is what will keep you alive. Today Alawar Premium is happy to announce their in development roguelike, Wall World. Combining elements from both roguelikes, tower defense games, and resource management, Wall World aims to deliver a unique experience to players. A press release provides more info on the game and the newly released play test. Furthermore, a teaser trailer gives players a little taste of the game itself. 

Wall World

Wall World places players aboard their very own giant robot spider. On an adventure climbing a, seemingly, endless wall players will learn to mine, upgrade and more as they traverse and explore the Wall and its exotic biomes. However, it’s not all pretty exploration and mining. Players will face off against endless hordes of monsters, finding time for exploration and resource gathering between waves of attacks. Using their exo-suit and an arsenal of weapons, spider upgrades, and more, players must do their best to survive the wall.  

Presenting in 2D with a unique art style, Wall World sets players off on a course for adventure. From mining deep into the wall to search for resources, to battling foes with guns, missiles and more. Players can get a glimpse of all of this action in the new teaser trailer for the game. Check it out. 

Wall World is currently in development. However, a playtest of the game is currently available on Steam. Of course, the playtest is an early version of the game and as such it is likely to undergo changes as the development goes on. So, are you ready to enter Wall World?