Second Front Bringing Deep Tactical Strategy -January 2023

Real Tactics, Virtual War 

Prepare for World War II strategy like never before. Put your tactical mind to the test, and try to lead your army to victory. Today Microprose is excited to reveal their upcoming strategy game, Second Front. Aiming to provide players with a deep strategy experience that depends more on a tactical mind than unit types, Second Front is bringing a lot to the table on January 31st, 2023. A press release dives into details on the game as well as its campaign and editor mode. Additionally, an announcement trailer gives players a look at the gameplay and art style of the game. 

Second Front

Second Front places players in command of one of three World War II armies: America, Germany, or Russia. Importantly, the game allows players to make distinct tactical choices that can decide the fate of battle. Unlike other strategy games that present players with a clear cut answer to a problem at hand, Second Front requires players to think a little more. For instance, defensive positions aren’t going to crumble by throwing wave after wave of infantry at them. Instead, players will need to use smoke screens, artillery, armor units and more to overcome challenges. 

Excitingly, the game will also be allowing players to make their own scenarios in a custom editing mode. Of course, players can get a look at the gameplay of Second Front as well as a glimpse of the campaign and editor modes in the new announcement trailer. Check it out below. 

Second Front will be releasing on January 31st, 2023. Players will be able to grab it for PC via Steam. So, are you ready to lead commander?