Monster Hunter Rise Bringing Adventure to Xbox-PlayStation January 2023

Prepare to Hunt 

Attention Xbox and PlayStation players, it’s almost time to hunt. Very soon the gates of Kamura Village will open for you. Today Capcom is happy to announce that their critically acclaimed action adventure game, Monster Hunter Rise. The game is arriving on Xbox and PlayStation consoles on January 20th, 2023. A press release delivers more details on these versions of the game. Additionally, a brand new trailer introduces the game to the respective consoles. 

Monster Hunter Rise PC Port

Monster Hunter Rise invites players to enter a world of fantasy, danger, and massive beasts. In this installment of the franchise players find themselves in Kamura Village. The village is a rich location full of unique culture and new, inovative, hunting technology. Importantly, these will come in handy as the wildlife around the village is anything but hospitable. Of course, as a monster hunter, you’re up to the task. 

Players can equip different armor, weapons, and more to deal with the various types of monsters that lurk around the village. Of course, as players progress and defeat more and more monsters, they will be able to craft unique and powerful items that they can use. Additionally, players can choose to take on these challenges as a solo player or with up to three other hunters. Take a look at the new trailer for a glimpse of the game. 

Monster Hunter Rise is releasing on Xbox and PlayStation consoles on January 20th, 2023. Additionally, it will be available on Game Pass at launch. So, are you ready to become a Monster Hunter?