Melatonin, Dreamy Rhythm Game, Launches on Nintendo Switch

Dreaming in Music

It’s time to dive into a world that you’ve never seen. Well, not awake anyway. Welcome to a world of dreams, music, and the power of connection. Today,  Developer David Huynh of Half Asleep is happy to announce the release of their rhythm puzzle game, Melatonin, on the Nintendo Switch. Bringing its dreamy, floaty, gameplay to the Switch, Melatonin aims to deliver a music driven adventure. A press release dives into more detail about the Switch version of the game. Additionally, a new Switch trailer gives players a glimpse of the gameplay and art style. 


Melatonin introduces players to a world that merges dreams and reality. Following the themes of the dreams we have when we are asleep and the experiences of when we are awake. Importantly, these themes hold the key. Using these core themes, players can begin to piece together different parts of the main character’s life. Of course, this process will take place through over twenty levels spread across five different chapters. Importantly, each level contains its own vibrant and beautiful music that also guides players through every puzzle and challenge. 

Furthermore, players can check out the new Switch release trailer for a better look at the game. From its themes, to its art style, and even some snippets of the dreamy and otherworldly music. Check it out below. 

Melatonin is available on the Nintendo Switch today. Currently, as a part of Nintendo’s House of Indies: Holiday Event, the game is $14.99. The game is already available on PC via Steam. So, ready to live the adventure of your dreams.