Anthology of Fear Exploring Horror In 2023

Liminal Hells and the Human Subconscious

Prepare for a whole new kind of horror. Dive into the depths of the human mind, and face horrors beyond imagining. Today indie studio 100 GAMES is excited to announce the release date for their upcoming  psychological horror game, Anthology of Fear. Releasing  March 17th 2023, Anthology of Fear, aims to provide a terrifying journey into the human mind. A press release provides more info on the horrors that await players. Of course, with the game still in development there is a lot of room for changes. Yet, some info is still available. 

Anthology of Fear

Anthology of Fear introduces players to a, as of yet, nameless main character. As this character, players will embark on a one man investigation into the strange disappearance of the player’s brother. Of course, you will get more than you bargained for. The game plunges players into a nightmare. Full of liminal spaces, horrors both real and fictional, and spine-chilling atmosphere, players will need to face off against the worst the human mind has to offer to solve the mystery. Additionally, the game will continue to prod and test the players fears as they move through the nightmare. 

Of course, the game is releasing on March 17th, 2023. Players can currently wish list the game on Steam. Additionally, more information about Anthology of Fear will continue to appear on 100 GAMES’ website. Prepare for the surreal and get ready to uncover the truth. In a game about the paranormal, the deceptively liminal, and fear itself, you are going to need to be ready for anything. So, are you brave enough?