Stray Releases Physical Version for PlayStation 4

Physical Copies for the Cat

Attention PlayStation 4 players. You can now grab your very own physical copy of Stray. That’s right, today Annapurna Interactive and iam8bit are happy to announce that physical copies for their sci-fi adventure, Stray, are available for PS4. Previously only available to PS5 players, the PS4 version has come due to high demand. A press release provides info on the game. Additionally, a previous physical edition reveal video gives players a look at the physical copy. 


Stray is the 3rd person cat adventure from BlueTwelve Studio. Set in a dystopian future, players take on the role of a tenacious and adventurous cat. Of course, players will be met with various challenges across a decaying city populated by robots. Importantly, players will aim to uncover an ancient mystery in the city as they explore. Yet they won’t do it alone. As the cat, players will meet a whole cast of characters but none closer than the small drone B12. Using stealth, smarts, and cat like reflexes players will aim to escape this ruined city before it is too late. 

Of course players can check out the previous PS5 physical edition video to get a better look at what to expect from the PS4 version.

Stray’s PS4 physical edition is available for purchase now. More info on this version of the game is available on iam8bit’s website. Importantly, players who purchase the PS4 version will receive a free upgrade. So, are you excited for the PS4 version of Stray?