Rogue Legacy 2 Arrives on Nintendo Switch

Joining A Legacy 

Attention Nintendo Switch players. The time has come for you to join in a legacy. A legacy of roguelike adventure. Today Cellar Door Games is happy to announce that the sequel to their beloved rogue-lite adventure, Rogue Legacy 2, has arrived on the Nintendo Switch. Following a successful release on PC and Xbox, the adventure has now come to the Switch. A press release provides more info on the game itself. Furthermore, a new switch launch trailer gives those who haven’t already seen the game a great look. 

Rogue Legacy 2

Rogue Legacy 2 re-introduces players to the world of blended genre. The game combines both Metroidvania action, roguelike, and RPG mechanics to create a unique player experience. However, because of this combination it is important to understand that your character is likely to die. More than a few times. But, this is just a part of the game. Yet, your fallen character’s heirs will continue your legacy to victory. 

The inheritance of your previous characters will give your new ones a fighting chance. Importantly, every character you gain will be able to wield different weapons, skills, and more. Additionally, they will each have different traits that can both help or hinder your characters. his ensures every adventure into the kingdom is a unique experience. Furthermore, beating the game is just the start. Rogue Legacy 2 features a unique NG+ system where the player decides how to make the game more difficult.

Rogue Legacy 2 is available today on Nintendo Switch. Currently the game is available for $24.99. So, are you ready to create your own Rogue Legacy?