Forspoken’s Latest Deep Dive Shows Off The Interesting World of Athia

Forspoken’s Latest Deep Dive Shows Off The Interesting World of Athia

Square Enix is one of the biggest video game companies in the industry. The team is prepared to launch their upcoming action RPG, Forspoken, on PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam on January 24th, 2023. Ahead of its release, the developers have been showing off the game in various deep dives. Today, viewers get an inside look at Athia, a world filled with mystery and tons of things for Frey to explore. Interested fans can purchase the game’s Standard and Deluxe Editions today at the prices of $69.99USD and $94.99USD respectively.

Viewers, in the deep dive footage, get an in-depth look at Athia. Furthermore, players will note that there are various points of interest to discover and challenges to complete, which provide many awards. Additionally, players in Forspoken can explore labyrinths filled with enemies, treasure and loot. Besides that, Frey can engage in combat challenges, trade and meet the vast and interesting population of Athia. The world offers a ton of freedom and exploration options.

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In the game, players hop into an action RPG as Frey, a young New Yorker who has been thrown into the unique, beautiful and scary world of Athia. As Frey searches for her way home, she must use newfound abilities, skills and more to traverse the world, uncover secrets and defeat monsters. Square Enix plans to utilize the PlayStation 5’s technology to its fullest.

What are your thoughts on Forspoken? Are you interested in its release? What did you think about the game’s recent delay? Did you enjoy the deep dive footage into Athia? What are your thoughts on the world of Athia? Which aspect of the game are you most interested in? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.


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