Floodland Invites Players to The Apocalypse Today

It’s Time for a New World

The climate has been devastated. Humanity, pushing itself to the brink, has no choice but to rebuild. Today Vile Monarch and Ravenscourt are happy to announce the release of their survival city-builder, Floodland. The Game introduces players to a unique post-apocalyptic world. It’s up to them to survive it. A press release provides more details on the game. Additionally, an official launch trailer gives player a deeper look at the world they are entering. 


Floodland introduces players to a world ruined by man-made climate change. Players begin their journey on the very outskirts of a ruined city. At the start, players will control only a small nomadic group. However, over time and through struggle players will develop their swamp village into a thriving town. Players will need to relearn basic agriculture, develop new technologies and more.  Of course, to do this, you will need the resources to build new buildings and transform old ones into structures of use. 

Of course, building a new society is not without struggles. Social issues, raiders, resources and supply issues will all arise. How you deal with them will determine how well your society thrives in this new world. To see the Floodland for yourself, check out the new launch trailer. Importantly, it will show players exactly what to expect. 

Floodland is out today. It is available on Steam on GOG. Currently it costs $39.99. So, are you ready to enter the Floodland and lead your people into a new world?