The Dragonflight Boat has Broken World of Warcraft

Dragonflight is Down in World of Warcraft

If you were expecting to play the World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion, you might have another thing coming. There’s a special boat you have to take to reach the dragon isles. Not only is it running late, it might just boot you from the game while in transit. With the new update comes a new technical issue, and it’s one that’s caused a game-breaking glitch.

Because the problem is tied to server authentication, some players have found success by playing on a lesser-populated server instead. The nature of these problems dictates a “nothing is certain” warning, but hey, it’s something.

As of now, Blizzard has not yet arrived with a fix to this problem. In the meantime, players have already taken it upon themselves to make their own fun. Sharing memes about the situation seems to be a popular route.

But how about you? Are the issues with World of Warcraft: Dragonflight affecting your experience? If you were able to overcome them, how are you enjoying the content? If not, what are you doing to pass the time? We’d love to hear your voice in the comments down below!

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