Tactics Ogre: Reborn Final Trailer Shows Off The Game Ahead Of Release

Tactics Ogre: Reborn Final Trailer Shows Off The Game Ahead Of Release

Square Enix is one of the biggest video game publishers in the world. It has various popular titles under its belt such as Final Fantasy, Diofield Chronicles and Nier: Automata. The company announced Tactics Ogre: Reborn earlier this year to the joy of many. Today, Square Enix has unveiled the ‘final trailer’ for the game ahead of its imminent release on November 11th, 2022. It will be available on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

The game is based upon the popular 2010 release however, the developers have introduced a lot of features to the game. Therefore, players will enjoy improved graphics and sound, fully-voiced cutscenes, updated game design and much more. This will allow veterans and new players to enjoy the game in their own way, as it provides a more immersive experience.

In the game, players will find themselves in the midst of a civil war as three groups vie for control, namely the Bakram, Galgastani and Walister. As a result, players must make difficult choices with serious effects and fight tactical battles with a completely revamped battle system. Moreover, there is a ton of end-game content to enjoy such as stories, quests and Palace of the Dead activities. The possibilities are endless in this upcoming remake by Square Enix.

Interested fans can pre-order the Digital Premium Edition and Standard Edition of the game here for various benefits such as the Original Soundtrack.

What are your thoughts on Tactics Ogre: Reborn? Did you ever try the original? Do you enjoy turn-based tactics games? What are your thoughts on the final trailer? Which aspect of the game are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.